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PRESS KIT Hábitat Valencia fair

18 July 2022
From 20 to 23rd September we will attend Hábitat fair in Valencia, to present our new 2022 Collection. Download Cattelan Italia Press Kit to find out which products will be showcased to the international audience of the most important design fair in Spain.
Cattelan Italia new collection is designed to style a living space where balance and tranquility can be found. At the same time, home is conceived as the place where you can recharge with new energy and inspiration. For more informations the Press can refer to:

PRESS OFFICE Cattelan Italia
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PRESS KIT Hábitat Valencia fair preview

Photogallery of Milan Salone del Mobile 2022

28 June 2022
The 60° edition of Milan design furniture fair was a success! Thanks to anyone who took the time to visit us during Milan design week. For all those who were not present, who appreciate and support our company every day, here is a gallery of photos of Cattelan Italia’s booth at Salone del Mobile.Milan 2022. You can download the book from the following link.
The photo book is a useful tool to have a look at every setting. It includes products’ details and finishes, along with every novelty presented during the fair. Discover finishes, compositions and pairings selected by our team of qualified designers, to enhance the new Cattelan Italia 2022 collection. With this tool we hope to give you advices and ideas for your interior design projects.
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Photogallery of Milan Salone del Mobile 2022 preview

PRESS KIT 2022 Collection

06 June 2022
Cattelan Italia new collection was presented at Milan Salone del Mobile 2022. It is designed to style a living space where balance and tranquility can be found. At the same time, home is conceived as the place where you can recharge with new energy and inspiration.
For more informations the Press can refer to:

PRESS OFFICE Cattelan Italia
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PRESS KIT 2022 Collection preview

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022

23 May 2022
More than 3 years have passed since the last edition of Milan furniture fair and Cattelan Italia is looking forward to returning to the stage where the history of Made in Italy design is made. The 2022 collection by Cattelan Italia is designed to style a living space where balance and tranquility can be found. At the same time, home is conceived as the place where you can recharge with new energy and inspiration. It is a comfortable refuge to rediscover one’s emotional well-being. The collection presents a mix of soft and sinuous shapes, combined with contrasting geometric elements. Each design piece is enhanced by precious decorative details, delicately blending with design. The absence of excesses leaves room to fully appreciate natural materials and manual finishes. Two new variants of Marmi ceramic stand out among the newly added top finishes: Corcovado and Kaindy. However, the real star is the new Argile family of natural clays. The collection of glass tops evolves by adding the new CrystalMarble decorative artistic prints and the bronze Moonglass top. Finally, the new Pearl metal finish is intended for the legs of chairs and tables, to make them bright and ethereal. The Company also presents Senator, a monumental 4-meters table designed for offices and public spaces, and a wide range of comfortable chairs bringing comfort and well-being in the workplace Cattelan Italia designs welcoming and restoring spaces, infused with serenity and harmony. The collection is conceived to create a bond between the space and the people who live in it, giving value to everyday gestures. This includes taking care of your well-being by surrounding yourself with beauty, energy and aesthetic balance. You are invited to Milan, from June 7th to 12th, for a tour of our 2022 collection: Hall 10 | Stand A15 – B18
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Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 preview

Supersalone 2021, Salone del Mobile.Milano

30 August 2021
ON STAGE! Salone del Mobile di Milano is back, with an unprecedented format for 2021 edition, and so is our proposal which narrates the best of modern design furniture, our novelties and the unique Cattelan Italia style. From 5 to 10 September we invite you to visit us at Cattelan Italia stand A14, located in Hall 3, to discover our exceptional scenography. By accepting the challenge launched by architect Boeri, instead of the usual stand which recreates rooms and living spaces, Cattelan Italia stages a museum-like setting. The composition is inspired by a famous artwork by Kandinsky, in which the canvas is divided by shapes and colors like a rhythmic score, becoming a theater scenography. Cattelan Italia layered exhibition space allows you to appreciate the melody with an overall point of view only. The painter signs are replaced by the showcased furnishings, the background wall frames products and graphics altogether. The setting is to be admired as a whole, just like an artwork, in which the main subjects are the impactful novelty products, matched with the company iconic pieces, that allow to express the unique style and the great quality of Cattelan Italia. Watch the video
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Supersalone 2021, Salone del Mobile.Milano preview

Neue Kollektion 2020

05 October 2020
Es gibt kein Design ohne Metamorphose: wir sind stolz, Ihnen die NEUE KOLLEKTION 2020 vorzustellen. Unser Engagement konzentriert sich jetzt mehr denn je auf bedeutende Details wie Materialien, Ausfü hrungen und Formen in einem pausenlosen Streben nach aussergewö hnlichen Anfertigungen. Die neue Kollektion zä hlt 60 neue Produkte und zeugt von unserer Fä higkeit, Ambiente mit Vielseitigkeit und Originalität zu koordinieren.
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Neue Kollektion 2020 preview

Neue Ausführung in Brushed Grey

04 August 2020
Das italienische Design ist in den Details. Die exklusive Verarbeitung verleiht eine Brillanz, die die Substanz aufwertet. Dies ist die neue Ausführung in Brushed Grey. Wir haben Ihnen viele Neuigkeiten versprochen und hier sind wir mit einem neuen Finish, denn das wahre Luxusmöbel ist, das Beste immer zu entdecken. Heute wird die Version aus Brushed Bronze durch die neue Version aus Brushed Grey ergänzt. Wir wollten das moderne Design mit Licht gestalten, um Ihnen von einem neuen Living zu erzählen, das so wertvoll und einzigartig ist, wie Sie.
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Neue Ausführung in Brushed Grey preview

New CrystalArt 2020

03 August 2020
Wie versprochen, melden wir uns noch einmal mit großartigen Neuheiten von Cattelan Italia. Unser Wunsch, Sie zu beeindrucken ist groß und steht im Zeichen unseres Engagements, neue und unerwartete Designlösungen zu finden. Diesmal verhalten sich Kristall und die Magie seines Glanzes als Gegenspieler moderner Möbel. Nach dem großen Erfolg von CrystalArt 2019, sind die modernen Designglasplatten ab jetzt in einem neuen romantischen Finish, gefüllt mit chromatischen Farbtönen, erhältlich. Tiefe Zeichen, die die Oberfläche der Glasplatte streicheln, verleihen dem Glas Farbe und Leben. Warme Farbtöne und Bernsteinnuancen erinnern an die typischen Töne der Erde, an eine unermessliche und entspannende Weite der Berge. Das Aufkommen von Design-Ambiente und zeitgenössischen Möbeln lässt jeden auf den ersten Blick verliebt sein.
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New CrystalArt 2020 preview


22 June 2020
Unsere Kreationen sind von einzigartigem, modernem Design. Kreatives Engagement, Emotionen und der Wunsch, sich individuell auszudrücken, prägen wir mit unseren ersten Neuheiten für die moderne Einrichtung auch in diesem Jahr. Mit Stolz freuen wir uns, diese hiermit vorzustellen: 2020 NEW KERAMIK Arenal, Breccia und Zefiro. Eine starke und atemberaubende Schönheit von zeitlosem Design. Monolithische Texturen und edle Maserungen stellen einen arabischen Kontrast her und zeigt neue Stilrichtungen auf. Exklusivste Edelmineralien inspirieren unsere neue farbintensive Kollektion. Zeitlose Elemente moderner Einrichtung mit fesselndem Charme für eine einzigartige Atmosphäre.
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2020 NEW KERAMIK preview

Imm Cologne 2020

19 December 2019
IMM Cologne 2020 is coming! From January 13th to January 19th we’ll be waiting for you at the most important event of modern furniture and interior design. Handicraft of new finishes and innovation of production processes will be key player this year. Our new modern table Premier CrystalArt Drive will be launched together with our design chairs Wanda. In doing so, Cattelan Italia expands the prestigious line, that includes bestsellers such as Marathon, Dragon Keramik Premium and Atlantis Wood, as well as modular bookcase Nautilus and modern bed Marlon. The unique textures and the strong architectural identity of the six rooms that complete the display area will take the visitors on a discovery of Cattelan Italia elegant world.
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Imm Cologne 2020 preview

Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai 2019

21 November 2019
Vom 20. Bis zum 22. November 2019 stellt die Asia interior design in der Hauptstadt die neue Kollektion von Cattelan Italia bei Salone del Mobile vor. Milano Shanghai 2019 ist die größte Messe im Bereich moderner Möbel und Design in China. Dies ist ein Projekt mit eleganten zeitgenössischen Möbeln, ganz nach Maß, welche die Vielseitigkeit von hochwertigen Materialien und Ausführungen unterstreicht. Basierent auf zeitlosen Studie von Formen, Farben und Texturen bietet dies eine perfekte Balance zwishen Tradition und Mderne. Die starke architektonische Identität der modernen Ausstattung Made in Italy sowie die Farbpalette der 3D Dimensionen des Ausstellungsbereichs ermöglicht es Ihnen die Welt von Cattelan Italia einzutauchen und die verschiedenen Lösungen, die Designentwicklung und die angewandten Technologien zu bewundern.
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Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai 2019 preview

Salone del Mobile.Milano. Moscow 2019

14 October 2019
Auch in diesem Jahr ist Cattelan auf der Möbelmesse 2019 in Moskau vertreten um den Salone des Mobile Milano auszustellen und mit unseren Produkten die beste italienische Manufaktur zu präsentieren.
Die neue Kollektion zeigt eindrucksvoll die Feinheiten in den Ausführungen, die neuen Farbweichungen und das Materialmix. Höhepunkt auf unserem Stand ist der Tisch Dragon Keramik, die sehr modern-designte Konsole Terminal Keramik und die neuen modernen Stühle Ginevra. Das Design ist die Mantra, die Details überlassen nichts dem Zufall, und das Design zeigt Stärke und Ausdruckskraft.
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Salone del Mobile.Milano. Moscow 2019 preview

Há bitat Valencia 2019

25 September 2019
The new Collection previewed at Salone del mobile Milano 2019 plays a leading role these days in the EXPO HÁ  BITAT VALENCIA (September 17th -20th ), the most important event dedicated to furniture and complements in the Iberian Peninsula.
Among our top news we have our Dragon Keramik Premium design table, our Carnaby modern sideboard and our elegant Nautilus modular bookcase.
Cattelan Italia brings into scene the excellence of his collection in an essential way, where the product speaks with all its expressiveness. The exposition area is outlined by more than 170 sqm, divided into 7 elegant architectonic living spaces, designed to offer a fascinating value experience.
Our story made of materials, light, dreams and passion is told by the finishing and chromatist sophistication, the contemporary design, the huge range of Italian products.
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Há bitat Valencia 2019 preview

2019, Salone Del Mobile - Milano

11 April 2019

Here is the Salone del Mobile, the theatre of choice for telling stories made of matter, light, dreams and passion. Cattelan Italia brings to the stage the excellence, agile and fast, that characterises a recordbreaking evolution. High-poweraed demand meets high-powered supply. The stand is more essential, more architectural, more real, because it will be the product that has to speak. False ceilings and beams lower and contextualise, recreating a soft atmosphere where the narrative flows along a real path. Fading colours to emphasise the Makalu ceramics, made with exclusive finishes and CrystalArt. Style insights to improve performances. But I don’t want to tell you anything else.
The product will be the one to tell you what we are and what we want to become.
SALONE INTERNAZIONALE del MOBILE 2019 - Hall 10 – Stand A15/B18
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2019, Salone Del Mobile - Milano  preview

2019 imm Cologne

18 December 2018
Cattelan Italia presents the new proposals for a contemporary living with Italian taste. Our stand has been renewed to reflect the brand’s values and its philosophy. Design productsmodern furniture and elegance of materials are the key words that best describe our stand. The unquestioned protagonists of the first furniture exhibition of the year are our table Planer Wood C with Brushed Bronze finish, our round tables Skorpio and Soho Ker-Wood, which combine the aesthetical beauty of the wood with the practicality of the ceramic, as well as our soft leather chairs Belinda, Kelly, Wanda and Kay Couture.
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 2019 imm Cologne preview
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